Portrait by  Allegra Messina

Portrait by Allegra Messina

Mark Humphreys

Fashion Stylist, Art Director, & Creative workaholic based out of Seattle, WA.

  My journey as a fashion stylist began when I was a little boy, exploring my identity through the self-expression of the clothes I would wear. I had been dancing with fashion in my own way for quite some time, but it wasn’t until I saw Alexander McQueen’s Horn of Plenty collection that I knew fashion was my life’s calling. Growing up in New Mexico, my access to an education in fashion was extremely limited, so I studied business and graduated with a BBA in marketing. Shortly before graduating, I made sure to secure an internship at major luxury retailer and my ticket out of New Mexico. My internship eventually turned into a full time corporate job as a sample coordinator for photoshoots, putting me in the heart of many different kinds of creative projects. The stylists I assisted during this time saw my potential, encouraged me pursue styling on my own and my life hasn’t been the same since.

I specialize in editorial imagery, being fashion-conscious with sustainability and ethical practices at the forefront of my mind. I draw inspiration from the darker, weirder, wilder side of things and want to advocate a voice for the ‘freaks’ who add flavor to life. I like to create unconventional art that challenges the viewer to think outside the box and not merely just accept what is presented in front of them.

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